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About Dharohar Realty

Real Estate Consulting Firm – Affordable Housing Gurgaon Project Experts

Dharohar Realty is a Gurgaon based real estate consulting Company. We strive relentlessly to help our clients make the best real estate decisions and win their trust.

Through our extensive and diverse consulting experience of over 1000+ man years, we have a thorough understanding of today’s opportunities and risks in real estate.

The Dharohar Realty Consulting team covers the full spectrum of real estate valuation services:

  • Evaluating large and diverse portfolios
  • Performing single property analysis
  • Identification and valuation of tangible and intangible real estate related assets

At Dharohar Realty, values are supreme, which is why the name, Dharohar – a Sanskrit word meaning legacy. In simple words it means the values, culture and traditions given by the family, a prized possession.

Dharohar is led by a highly reputed management team of experts supported by handpicked credible and trustworthy Real Estate Agents. We are constantly working to innovate and create unique and cost-effective real estate solutions for our customers. It is our customer-focused approach that inspires us to relentlessly work on improving customer experience.

Meet our dynamic Team


At Dharohar our mission is to help you find the most cost-effective residential property in Gurgaon and NCR to suit your budget and needs. Our real estate consulting team has been able to achieve this on a consistent basis, thanks to our vast experience and our reliance on innovation.

As the industry leader in residental property consulting, we know the importance of innovation and commitment in this industry. Our well-qualified, experienced and knowledgeable staff is always dedicated to meet our goals and ensure that we uphold our commitments to our clients.


Dharohar Realty has been in the business of consulting for budget property in Gurgaon, and our vision is to find and bring budget home within the reach of all families. We are on a mission to achieve this while adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our extensive experience in the Affordable Housing Gurgaon Projects has also enabled us to be adaptive to the ever changing demands of the market conditions. Besides, we have the passion to achieve excellence in our field.

At Dharohar, we have established a strong set of values into our core business ideals. We are always innovating to refine our brand perception. This is the reason we are one of the most coveted real estate consultants in the Affordable Housing in Gurgaon. All our values are focused on helping our customers find budget property.

We stand for:

Ethics – When it comes to providing residental property solutions to our clients, ethics forms the most important part of our services. We always maintain the highest level of transparency in all transactions, while following time-bound ethical practices.

Respect – We know that the foundation of our business is “people.” Our business values are based on valuing and giving respect to every individual associated with our business. This includes everyone from our customers to our employees. Dharohar is constantly striving to build stronger relationships with everyone who is a stakeholder. We believe that an endeavour will not be justified if the people involved don’t feel valued and respected.

Integrity – Our mission is to provide cost-effective consulting solutions to our clients to help them own budget residental property in Gurgaon. When we make any commitments, we ensure that we deliver on them, and with utmost sincerity and integrity.

Owning the first home means the entire world to a family. It is a dream come true, that adds more security and gives a sense of direction – a ray of hope to your life. A residental property in Gurgaon is something that can complete your family. At Dharohar, we have taken up this position to help you to make your dreams come true through our expert real estate consulting services.

We are in the business of sourcing budget property in Gurgaon and NCR to help every family to own and live in their own home where they could multiply their happiness. In an age of economic uncertainty, your first home is a pillar of firmness. It is a long-term investment that will outlast you; something your children will thank you for and something you could rely on in times of need. And at Dharohar, we help you own such an asset, thanks to our experience and deep industry knowledge, which is critical to making the right choice.

At Dharohar, we help you put a roof on your head while meeting all your tastes and requirements.

At Dharohar, it is the experience and dedication of our team that helps us deliver the best when it comes to helping you own budget property in Gurgaon. We are unique because we develop residential real estate solutions that are designed to meet your custom requirements, whether it is your budget or your tastes. This has been made possible due to the rich real estate experience of our team, our reliance on latest technology and a customer focused approach to business.

In order to ensure that you own the home of your dreams, our team of real estate consultants delivers their best to meet or exceed your expectations. Driven by our mission and our pursuit for our values, we give importance to each one of your needs and concerns when you are looking for a residental property.

You have unlimited reasons for choosing Dharohar. All our customers have found successful solutions to own Affordable Commercial Properties/Shops and flats in Gurgaon to suit their budget and requirements. We help you find projects at the prime locations in and around the city. We follow eco-friendly practices and fair work ethics. Realty consulting is at the core of our business model and all our professionals have decades of experience in the industry. And our customer support service is effective, courteous and helpful, and unparalleled in the Affordable housing industry.