Sohna Affordable Housing Projects – An Infographic

According to the recently approved Master Plan-2031 of Sohna, the population of Sohna (Gurgaon Extention) is expected to grow tenfold by 2031. The developing area will have 5,000 acres of residential and commercial development and 2,600 acres of green and open space development in over 20 sectors.

This new developing stretch has a great potential for a huge return on investment. Investors always viewed this area as a high-potential zone and started acquiring land banks long ago.

The proposed infrastructure continues to add value to the overall development making Gurgaon Extension an attractive destination for those looking to buy units at slightly lower rates, compared to the rest of Gurgaon.

Sohna has wide roads and world-class infrastructure projects. The residential and commercial projects coming up here are only about 12-13km from Gurgaon, with a price tag that is almost less than half of the prevailing rates in other parts of Gurgaon. Thus, this new developing area is in great demand.

With the latest bill being passed for 100 acres for institutions and a proposed SEZ, Sohna is steadily emerging as the latest place to be at.The Infographic below shows the current status of projects in Sohna under affordable housing Policy.

Current status of projects under Sohna Affordable Housing

About 52% of the apartments are already booked. Bookings for 3 projects are open and 2 projects are yet to be launched under the Sohna Affordable Housing Projects. The rest 48% of the inventory is filling fast.